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Luke Bryan admits that not all of his songs are real country, but his new song “Up” fits the country label, and if you don’t think so, well, Luke thinks you have lost your mind. 

Luke told Country Insider of his new song, “Sometimes I get a little thrown under the bus for maybe not putting the countriest of country songs out, but certainly on this song if anybody listens to this song and tries to call it not country, I think they’ve officially lost their mind.”

The first verse of the song sings the plight of farmers. It sings, “Up/Early in the mornin’ wakin’ that sun/Up/Fillin’ that coffee, crankin’ that tractor/Up/Prayin’ it rains down on the devil’s dust/Them rows come poppin’/Up.”

Bryan says, “The first line of the song paints the picture of a farmer’s life. Luckily, in my career, I can sing a song about ‘One Margarita’ one minute and I can sing a song about ‘Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day,’ then I can do some songs that had a lot of rock influence and Southern rock, and then I can come out with a song like ‘Up’ and talk about what a farmer’s life is waking up early in the morning.”

He adds, “When you hear ‘prayin’ it rains down on the devil’s dust,’ and ‘rows come poppin’ up,’ that’s just a beautiful image and that really tells the story of a farmer’s life. The fact that the song ‘Up’ has so much rural imagery in it and tells the story of how you’re looking up to God to get you through, I’m really, really proud to have this song out.”

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