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Blake Shelton hasn’t performed on the CMA Awards for a couple of years, but tonight (11/10) he will be taking the stage as the show airs live on ABC, and he ran into his old buddy Luke Bryan at rehearsals.

As Blake shared during a press conference just minutes ago, he got to poke fun at his buddy.

Shelton joked, “We did a little dress rehearsal, and he had to introduce me, and so we were just kind of walking through the show. And I went backstage, and he was standing there, and I looked at him, and I said, ‘Man, you haven’t learned s— have you? What are you doing? You make a fool of yourself every time you get on TV, and now you’re hosting the show by yourself. You suck. You suck at this!'”

Blake then joked that when Luke is in concert and doesn’t know his own lyrics, he turns to his crowd and says, “You all sing it.” He added, “He barely sings them. His songs are so big it works for him. He doesn’t have to know ’em.”

Shelton held the press conference in Nashville today (11/10) to announce that he is building an Ole Red Bar in Las Vegas on the strip with an opening date sometime in 2023.

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