Do you think the holidays are better as an adult?

The holiday season is in full swing!  In fact, for me, it feels like it’s snuck up on me very quickly!  But some feel the holidays are better as an adult!

As a kid, Christmas time was such a magical time of year.  There are so many great memories of singing carols, seeing Christmas lights, opening gifts and seeing family.

Honestly, the older I’ve gotten, I feel it’s harder for me to get into the Christmas spirit. So, I was very surprised when I stumbled across this information.

Holidays Are Better As An Adult

Two out of three millennials actually prefer being an adult during the holidays! The survey found 67% of Americans between 25-40 enjoy the memories they make as an adult compared to their childhood!

Even though there are more responsibilities for adults, 3 in 4 of the survey respondents said they are more motivated to cook and clean around the holidays.  And shockingly, 7 in 10 even claim to enjoy it! (I’m not sure who they actually surveyed… LOL)

As far as what makes the holidays special for these respondents? Hosting loved ones, wrapping gifts and decorating their homes.  They also enjoy watching movies, listening to holiday music and even cleaning up after holiday meals.

When the holidays are over…

Outside of the holidays though, there are many things about adulthood that can be enjoyable– like learning new things and staying in on Friday night!

But then there are the other “joys” of adulthood like paying bills and taxes, being responsible, and making big decisions.

All about perspective?

Overall, I feel it’s all in how you look at things!  I’m working on ME to try to take in the holiday season and find that Christmas Spirit again.

Are you struggling with getting into the Christmas Spirit too?  Check out some holiday events in the CSRA that can help! And check out some of our favorite holiday traditions— maybe these are some you can start for your family!