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Like Chris Stapleton has done on so many award shows, and he’s often the highlight of the show. And last night he had the performance of the night on the ACM Awards last night (3/7) when he performed a song he had written after the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 called “Watch You Burn.”

The song’s lyrics include, “Only a coward would pick up a gun / And shoot up a crowd trying to have fun / Now the Vegas lights, they won’t lose their glow / And the band will play and go on with the show.”

Stapleton sang in the chorus, “And you’re gonna get your turn / Yes, you’re gonna get your turn / Son, you’re gonna get your turn / Devil gonna watch you burn.”

Chris sang the song introduced by Jason Aldean, who was performing at the Route 91 festival in Las Vegas when the shooting occurred. Stapleton performed in front of a red backdrop, with a troupe of background singers standing on a stage in front of him and with his wife Morgane singing by his side. The performance garnered a huge standing ovation.