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I had the privilege of meeting George Strait twice. This picture is from 2008. George was playing in Columbia SC and as you can imagine it was an amazing show! In this picture George looks awesome, as always, now me on the other hand, WOW! Wouldn’t you think that if you know you’re going to meet George Strait you’d find a shirt that fits. Why is my shirt so big? Why do I look like a pirate or a founding father minus the powdered wig? Thank goodness we can look back on these pictures and laugh now. I still love the memory associated with this picture, I just don’t love the shirt.


Here are some of my favorite throwback George Strait album covers.

Comes from George’s debut album ‘Strait Country.’ The album was one of the first to be recorded and mixed digitally.


Another George Strait number one. The song is about a guy back in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s enjoying a few beers and thinking about his former lover who is now with someone else in Dallas. The guy wonders if she ever thinks of him and the good times they had together.


George told CMT in a rare recent interview that this is the song he thinks people remember him most for.

Title track from Strait’s album of the same name. “Blue Clear Sky” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Emerald Studios. And yeah, it went number one on the country charts.