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As the old saying goes ‘Out of the mouths of babes’, this baby seems to have been here before. Or is very observant of the adults around her. TikTok user Stefanie (@spritch29) posts adorable videos of her daughter Madison. The most recent video of Madison imitating her mom picking up around the house has amassed over 4 million views. Check out the video below and you’ll see why it’s so popular and so relatable to parents (and toddlers) everywhere.

Stefanie on TikTok

517K Likes, 4.6K Comments. TikTok video from Stefanie (@spritch29): "Apparently I grunt too much 😂 #fyp #funnybaby #babiesoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #CloseYourRings #toddlersbelike #funny #makingfunofme #mom". My daughter copying how I sound when I pick things up . original sound.