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Thomas Rhett recently had the task of taking his six, four, two-year-old, and four-month-old daughters on a trip to get some fast food all by himself and as he told us, it was rather daunting.

Thomas said, “Yeah, I took all four to Chick-fil-A the other day. That was an act of God because any time that you’re with an infant – not that every kid is not as important – but when you are literally strolling an infant into a restaurant, with the other three, you are kinda like, ‘Hey, I hope I’ve taught you enough to where you don’t sprint into the street, and you’re holding somebody’s hand, and we don’t start throwing French fries in Chick-fil-A.’

Rhett added, “I think those are the moments that I think I’ll remember vividly when I’m like 55 or 60 years old because I often don’t volunteer to take all four of them at the same time because it’s absolute chaos. But it is fun ’cause I like for my kids to look at me and trust me and be like, ‘Oh, he can do this.’ ‘Cause I think kids can tell when you feel like you can’t do something. So, having the confidence to be able to take them to the mall or take ’em out to eat or whatever is always really fun for me to get to do, but also like an act of God.”

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