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Maren Morris has one unique “featured artist” on her new album out today (3/25), Humble Quest, and that is her two-year-old son Hayes, who is at the beginning of a song on the project called “Hummingbird.” 

Maren was on the way to a writing appointment in Nashville when she got word that she was pregnant in 2019. After calling her husband Ryan with the news, she joined some of her writing partners and shared her news, and it inspired the song. 

Maren explained to us, “My little hummingbird heartbeat that was growing inside me with Hayes. And so it was almost like this lullaby that we got to write to my son before I ever met him.”

She added, “And then by the time that we were recording ‘Hummingbird,’ Hayes was over a year old, and so he was starting to talk and say, mama so I just on the porch one morning got him to say mama, which was like the only word he knew. And I just sent the voice text to Greg (Kurstin, the album’s producer), and he put it at the top of ‘Hummingbird.’ So, Hayes, my son is technically the only feature on this.”

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