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Sam Hunt is talking about the baby his soon-to-be ex-wife Hannah is expecting.

CMT reports that Sam said, “I haven’t talked about this, but I have a little girl on the way. I have a baby coming in about eight weeks. I blocked out two months at the end of May and early June. Really, this year revolves around that big news in my life.”

Just last month, Hunt’s wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, filed for divorce, citing inappropriate marital conduct and adultery.

While Sam didn’t talk about the status of his marriage, he did say the couple was picking out baby names. He offered, “I want her to be in the world before we name her. I want to be able to look at her and decide what name suits her best.”

He also talked about getting advice from friends about fatherhood. Hunt said, “I saw Russell Dickerson a few weeks ago; we talked about fatherhood. I tried to pick his brain. Over the last four or five years, I’ve had a lot of buddies who’ve had their first kids. So, I feel I’m ready for it.”

Sam Hunt