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On Friday, April 1, Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop Dogg come together with The Avila Brothers for “A Hard Working Man,” released via Avila Brothers Music Group/BMG.

Billy Ray said in a press release about the new song, “Who said you can’t teach an old Dogg a new trick! Snoop and the Avila Brothers are on fire with this new song out Friday!”

Cyrus posted to Instagram, “Thank you to all involved in a great video shoot for “A Hard Working Man” with @snoopdogg @the_avilabrothers @iz_avila @ahvlah & @djquik! Lookin forward to the future… grateful for the present.”

He later posted a photo of himself and Snoop Dogg on top of two semi-trucks. He wrote, “Counting down the days to April 1 and the release of #ahardworkingman with @snoopdogg @the_avilabrothers @iz_avila @ahvlah & @djquik.”

In a press release, the Avila Brothers noted, “Timing has always been critical for us. For this project, everything lined up perfectly! Even more exciting is the partnership with BMG, which shines an even brighter light on the contribution of global superstars, Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop.”

Billy Ray Cyrus