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It seems to be a never ending problem. And for a lot of people, more and more spam calls roll in each day.  Have you ever thought about filing a lawsuit against telemarketers? One man in Texas did… and won BIG!

In any given day recently, I’ve received no less than six to eight spam calls a day. Most are the robocalls. Some trick me into answering with phone numbers that MIGHT be legitimate.

It’s Against the Law

Did you know that if you haven’t given your permission to these telemarketers, it’s ILLEGAL? A new law put in place last year was supposed to help with the amount of spam calls we receive.  The Federal Trade Commission reported we lose  $10 billion a year to scam robocalls.

With the rising frustration, more people are forcing these illegal robocallers to pay up; including a CPA who works in Austin and Dallas named Dan Graham.

Graham told Fox 13 News he was turning those annoying calls into cash. And it’s actually worked.  He says he’s grossed over $105K at this point.

He had so many calls coming in that were spoofing local numbers.  At the time, he was working away from home. The robocalls had him concerned something was going on at home with his wife and baby.

Graham even received calls from hospitals and spoofed hospital phone numbers.  He said, “It started getting my blood boiling.”

That’s when he started filing lawsuits, and even shares how others can do the same.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Enter your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry (it takes 30 days).

Step 2: Start answering the calls.  This will help you find out what business is actually calling you. Graham would feed into the callers questions to gather the information needed.

Step 3: Graham reached out to the company asking them to stop the illegal calls, and some actually did. But, when they wouldn’t? He sues them in small claims court for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

He also adds you should document things well from the start. This will help when they reach out for more details on the calls. Depending on the number of times the business has called, settlements can range from $500 to thousands of dollars.

Of course, you have to be prepared to argue the law.  But his hopes are enough people will pursue the legal action to help stop the frustrating calls.

Dan Graham even created a YouTube video to give you basic tips on how to start the process.

See the video here:

Did you think you could file a lawsuit against telemarketers? We didn’t either, but we’re always looking for ways to stop those annoying robocalls! And some extra cash could never hurt!

Just last year, the FCC issued their largest fine against a company in Texas.