Masters Tournament 2023: Complete Coverage

If you’ve been in the Augusta area for any amount of time, you know the Augusta National has bought up a lot of property around the infamous golf club.

This has been great for many homeowners, who instantly became millionaires.  But one Augusta family won’t sell their home near the Augusta National.  Because, “Money ain’t everything,” says Herman Thacker, the homeowner.

The Thacker family’s property is near Gate 6-A. They built the home in 1959 and have seen the neighborhood change drastically throughout the years.  And each year during the tournament, the area fills with patrons. But the family doesn’t mind.

The sentimental value of that house is worth so much more to the Thacker family.  They raised their two kids in the home. And have welcomed five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Despite numerous attempts, and 7-figure offers, the Augusta National hasn’t been successful, but they stop by every now and then to check in.

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