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In the past few weeks since we announced that we’re having a baby, we’ve had a bunch of folks ask how the baby is doing? Well I thought we’d give you a quick update. Kelsey and I went to the doctor this past Friday for our last visit with Dr. Jordan, our IVF doctor, and she said everything is going great! The baby is growing like he or she is supposed to. The heartbeat is strong and everything is developing just like it should. It was so crazy to be able to start seeing our baby’s face and see he or she moving around. Thanks so much to everyone who has been checking in on us, we appreciate it so much! Next up will be the gender reveal this coming weekend. We don’t really have a preference as to whether its a boy or a girl, we just want a happy healthy baby. Will is be pink or blue? We’ll let you know next week!

Here’s a pic from our latest doctor visit.

Dub's Baby Pic