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Wooden cubes with Hashtag tbt, meaning Throwback Thursday near white background social media concept close-up

So for years I was the guy who did all of the crazy stuff on the morning show, the “stunt guy” as they say in the business. I ate giant cheeseburgers, I drank dog beer, I sat in a sauna wrapped in aluminum foil. I dyed my hair because of losing sports bets TWICE! I boxed with a 9 year old boxing champion. The story behind this picture is that there was this story about people trying to avoid paying for for airfare and so they were sneaking people into airports in big suitcases. Soooooo we decided to see if I would fit in a big suitcase. After much squeezing and some forcing…I DID FIT! I look back at this picture and realize that if I tried to do this today there would be a visit to the ER involved. I know a lot of y’all remember those stunts from back in the day, hopefully they made you laugh, thats why we do it!

Dub In A Suitcase