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Jason Aldean has supported his former tourmate, Morgan Wallen, from the very beginning of Wallen’s controversy from his yelling of a racial slur in February 2021, which, at the time, caused his record label to put him on hold and stop all concert dates.

As Jason told Billboard this week, he felt strongly about showing his support for his friend. He said, “There was a small group of us that kind of had Morgan’s back in this whole thing when everybody else was beating up on him a bit. Where I’m from, when you got a friend that’s down, you don’t just step on ’em and keep ’em down; you help them get back on their feet and teach ’em and try to help them be better.”

Aldean added, “That’s what we try to do, and I think a lot of people knew that, and that’s why I wanted to go out there (onstage at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena during Wallen’s March 19 show). He went through a lot, and I think his punishment was a little excessive — but at the same time, the biggest thing is him learning from it.”

Morgan co-wrote two tracks on Jason’s new double album Macon, Georgia, including “Whiskey Me Away” and “The Sad Songs.”

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