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The anticipation of BBQ season for me, is comparable to those who can’t wait to get a taste of pumpkin spice before the official start of fall. Fortunately, for those of us living in the CSRA, we don’t have to wait until summer to get great barbecue. And I asked my favorite CSRA foodies where we can get the best barbecue.

‘So lately I’ve been crushing pretty hard over BBQ food trucks (because they are so accessible when I get a hankering for barbeque) and competition ‘quers (because they push themselves, always striving for perfection): Maya Jane BBQ, Barrel Fever BBQ, Smoke Show Southern Style BBQ’- Ann Beth Strelec~ Check out her ‘quein skills @nakedepicurean on Instagram

Lisa Leanne says you can’t go wrong with the bbq from Doc’s Porchside. ‘Their Redneck Egg Rolls, Porch Rocker Nachos, pulled pork sliders and pulled pork patty melt! I haven’t had anything there that I didn’t love’ Check out all of her foodie goodness @selfproclaimedfoodess on Instagram

‘I love Campbell bbq, Powerhouse bbq, and as for restaurants, I would say Southbound Smokehouse. But, honestly, I just make my own lol’- Check out all of Kathi O’Connor’s drool worthy bbq @recteq_kathi on Instagram

Katelyn Youngblood says Sconyers Bar-B-Que is and always will be a family tradition. ‘For over 60 years Sconyers Bar-B-Que has been serving the CSRA. Mr. Larry Sconyers, who is like family to me, is one of a kind. He has a heart of gold & has the best hash and rice in town! Whether you are going out for dinner, grabbing from their takeout window for a cookout, or having a large gathering that you need catered, you cannot go wrong with anything on their menu. My favorites are the chopped beef, ribs, smoked turkey, potato salad & hash and rice. My mouth is watering as I type this…’ And check out all of Katelyn’s own mouth watering recipes @sweetandsassyapron on Instagram

Scott Russell specializes in ‘Supporting all things local and eating my way through Augusta one bite at a time’ and says that there are two hidden gems that deserve recognition for their ‘que. ‘Freemans bbq just over the river is kind of hidden gem that no one ever talks about. Fielding bbq is a really cool family run bbq place.’ Check out all of Scott’s foodie adventures @6bitesin on Instagram

Let me know your favorite BBQ spots! I’d love to hear from you @onairwithjess on Instagram