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My wife Kelsey and I went for our 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and got to see our baby girl Madelyn Grace again. We always love getting to see her grow and develop and move around, it’s such an awesome thing, it’s a miracle really. The folks at AU Health looked her over, they measured her heart, her brain, her arms and legs, her feet and hands, her torso and everything else. We’re happy to report that she’s growing just like she’s supposed to be. Her heartbeat is normal. She weighs just shy of a pound and she’s in the 56th percentile of babies her size, which means she’s right in the middle of the scale, she’s not too small and she’s not too big as of now. She was sitting criss cross applesauce on her legs and refused to move so there were a few things the nurse wasn’t able to look at very well, mostly her kidneys and a few other things. The nurse tried to get her to move her legs, but Maddie wasn’t having it. She was being stubborn, I guess she gets that from her daddy. Here are a few pictures from the scan yesterday. These are side views of her.

dubs baby side profile pic

baby Maddie side pic