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A simple gesture from Garth Brooks made one woman’s dream come true at a concert in Massachusetts over the weekend (5/21).

Garth read the woman’s sign in the audience, saying, “Bangor Maine 1992. I’ve saved your guitar pick for 30 years. Do you want it back?” Garth didn’t want it back, but he gave her another pick and then said, “Oh, and maybe one more thing,” he then handed her his guitar.

The woman, Jessica Cloukey, told Action 5 News, “I saw him back in ’92. I was 8 years old. He was just starting out. I happened to be on my uncle’s shoulders when he was singing a song, and he handed his guitar pick down to me.”

She added, “If you gave me the opportunity to meet anybody in the world, that’s who I would pick. It brings tears to my eyes just knowing that my dream happened.”

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