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After Miranda Lambert wraps her “Bandwagon Tour” with friends Little Big Town, she will hit the road immediately, this time pulling her airstream camper with some friends for a 20-day jaunt. She and her husband Brendan will be joined by her friend and backup Gwen Sebastian and her husband, who also own a camper, to see what they can see.

Miranda told People about taking off the month of July to see the sights of America, “Everyone’s like, ‘So you’re gonna get right off the bus and right into a camper.’ But, it’s such a different way of seeing the world. It’s through a windshield, but it’s with freedom versus pulling into a parking lot where I wait all day, play a show, then roll the next town.”

She adds, “This is like a way to actually see things. I always say I’ve been everywhere and seen nothing, which is kind of part of what I do. Gwen always says, ‘What we do is a hard lifestyle. So while all our knees and elbows work, we’re gonna go do some fun stuff.'”

Lambert also did a lot of camping with her trailer during the pandemic, where she also learned that you could write sad songs while being quite happy. She said, “Any kind of artist will live in the darkness because they’re using it for arts. But at some point, I can actually be happy and be functioning and doing life and get in a writing room and go somewhere else in my mind or heart.”

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