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We are so proud of everything Ray's accomplished and continues to do!

Now you might be thinking, what the heck is Ray Day?! Well today is the day that our buddy, Harlem GA native and Nashville rising star Ray Fulcher drops his debut album “Spray Painted Line”. I bought my copy first thing this morning and it felt awesome to be able to buy my friend’s first full length album! Now of course Ray has released singles and EPs before, but there’s just something special about releasing a full length 17 song album. Every time Ray and I text back and forth I tell him how proud I am of him. This guy had a dream, chased it and caught it! I joke that I’ve introduced Ray Fulcher on every stage in this town, but it’s true. I’ve watched this guy bust his butt and do whatever it took, play whatever show to get to where he is now. It’s cool to see one of your buddies make it, it’s cool to see a guy from the CSRA make it, but it’s really cool when a genuinely good person makes it! So go check out Ray’s new album! In the meantime check out the video of Ray making his debut on The Grand Ole Opry!