Lea Lollis Great music stay positive love you
Amy Reed Toby, You make me happy!  Get well soon and God bless you.
The Perry Family Keeping you, your family, friends and physicians in our prayers 🙏 speaking healing upon you Toby!
Lynne Cox My prayers are with you, Toby. Just remember to keep your faith that you Are going to get better. We all love you.
Nelle Prayers for a complete healing!
Krys Healing vibes sent your way, keep fighting!!!!
Bonnie Parker Keeping you in our thoughts and prays. You got this because you have all our prayers with you. Stay strong
Maryanne Sutton Get well soon! God bless. I will keep you in my prayers!
Thank you for bringing such joy to the world with your music.
Steno42 We love you Toby
Phyllis Butts The Red White and Blue are all cheering for you. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
Amy Hash Prayers for peace and comfort during this time of your life!!!
Jane Stone I wish you strength and determination during this time. I had cancer and won, you can too!!! We all love you, Toby!!!
Jessica Powell Prayers for you and yours, we love you Toby Keith!
Shelby Washington Praying for you thru this time, may God give you strength to fight this.