Wooden cubes with Hashtag tbt, meaning Throwback Thursday near white background social media concept close-up

We’re going WAAAAYYYYY back this week. This picture is from 2003. I’d barely been working here for 6 months, homework was still a thing in my life, and judging by this picture I couldn’t find a hat that fit properly. This picture was taken at The Bell Auditorium before Travis Tritt put on a killer show! Travis looks great, just like you’d expect him to, me on the other hand, WOW! There’s a lot to unpack here. My hat looks too big for my head, I look like I need a sandwich real bad and is that my cell phone on my belt loop?! Ok I’ll cut myself a little slack it was 2003 and that kind of stuff was still ok. Also this picture was taken on an old school digital camera, like before you could fix red eye, which explains why Travis and I look like we’re possessed but some sort of demon! Some of y’all remember when I looked like this, thanks for sticking it out with me while I was working on looking like an adult.

dub and travis trite from 2003