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This week isn’t just a Throwback Thursday pic for me, but also for my buddies, and fellow Kicks99 personalities, Tee Gentry and Chris O’Kelley. This picture is from our Beasley Media Group Christmas party in probably 2007 or 2008 and features not only a much younger me, but a much younger Tee and O’Kelley. This picture also features our buddy General Zach Taylor, who passed away in December of 2019. We miss Zach every single day here at Kicks. There aren’t very many of these kind of pictures, with all of us together, so that’s why I think this one is special. I can almost hear us all joking with each other and giving each other a hard time, because thats what we do every single day here at the station. I’m sure I was giving Tee a hard time about drinking wine, because I know he loves his beer and bourbon. And I’m sure at least one of these guys was asking me if I got my suit jacket at Baby Gap (that was a running joke around here for years). I hope Tee and Chris get a kick out of seeing this picture as much as I did. I hope y’all enjoyed seeing it as well. Everyone in this picture helped to shape my 20 years here at Kicks99 and I’m really grateful to call them all friends.

tee okelley dub and zach