Ever wonder what happens when the mic is off in the Kicks studio?  Well… some of that we can’t disclose– Haha!  But every now and then, we document our downtime.

And I will say, most of the time… I’m WORKING *side eye to Chris O’Kelley and Tee Gentry*!  Just kidding, we all spend a lot of time in our offices and doing work… so it’s nice when we come together in the studio to chat, brainstorm, act silly, etc.  Getting multiple creative people together, you honestly NEVER know what will happen.  Or what someone will say or do.  Again, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING!

Daily Meet Ups

But with the Kicks 99 Secret Sound going on, we’ve made our little meetings in the studio pretty frequent.  We’re all anxiously awaiting that correct answer so we can celebrate when you win the cash!  We joke that once Secret Sound is over, we’re going to miss our daily sessions.  But, I’ll make sure I stop by their offices JUST enough so they won’t miss me too much!

Technical Difficulties

And if there’s ever a technical issue (like when the building got struck by lightning)… you can bet we’ll all be huddled up somewhere.  Not fixing the issue, ha.  But waiting on our amazing engineers to work their magic and get us back up and running.  You’ll see one of our engineers in the last photo… while you enjoy O’Kelley with my pink headphones!  Enjoy these snapshots of some behind-the-scenes silliness.  And get ready for even more.  I’m learning to always have my camera ready at a moment’s notice– Thanks to two of my favorite co-workers/friends, Tee and Chris!