I saw the news over the weekend and was absolutely heartbroken for this woman.  A popular TikToker’s son was killed. I’ve never met her, and even though I don’t watch all of her TikTok videos, I still felt tremendous grief for her.

Honestly, I didn’t even know her real name, which is Ophelia. I saw a friend on Facebook share the story, and immediately recognized her face.

Her TikTok username is @shoelover99.  So many lovingly call her “Mama Tot,” and she starts many videos with “Hey my little tater tots.” She has been a bright light for so many people going through tough times.  And now she is suffering.

TikToker’s Son Killed in Shooting

According to Fox News, Ophelia’s son, Randon Lee, was killed in Prichard, Alabama on Friday night.  He was a victim of a shooting, the day before his 19th birthday.

Ophelia used her social media platform to reach out and ask for help.  It was absolutely heartbreaking to see the usual cheery face so somber and broken.  With 7.3 million followers on TikTok, Ophelia hopes someone knows something.  In her video, she says, “I ain’t never ask y’all for anything, but I need your help with this.”

She adds the horror of knowing the culprit(s) are out in her town.  Later, she updated her followers, letting them know she was informed there is “a lead on 2 individuals.” No word on where that information came from.

The Power of Social Media

While social media can often bring so many negative things with it, I truly hope for Ophelia’s sake that the community comes together and is able to help find the person or people responsible.

I can’t even imagine what’s she’s going through.  Her baby, her youngest son, was taken from her.  He was in the prime of his life, with so much ahead of him.

I don’t know if these type of things are happening more frequently, or if it’s simply that we have way more access to information.  But it’s heartbreaking to turn on the news and see more young people being killed… for no reason.  And it also seems many young TikTokers have also been killed or died.  Again, it may just be that we have quicker access to news.  But no matter what, it’s senseless.  Heartbreaking.

No one should have to bury their child.  My thoughts and prayers are with this sweet lady and her family.  I hope they can find justice and she can find peace.