This may be the cutest thing you see all day! For Peggy and her pup, Minnie, it was a normal day.  They headed out for their walk. After a bit, Peggy noticed people seemed to be staring and pointing her way more than usual. But why were people staring at her dog?

But with a cute pup, we expect people to look, right? But this day it was different. Peggy actually worried people were staring at her, and maybe she had something on her face.  It wasn’t until Minnie looked up at her mom that Peggy realized why people were staring! Watch!

Along their route, it seems Minnie had picked up a pacifier.  The fact that she had it in her mouth in a way that made it look like she was actually sucking on it like a child only makes it funnier!

Peggy let Minnie continue to carry the pacifier that she seemed to love so much.  But eventually Peggy had to intervene when Minnie got too excited and broke a piece off.

And although I love the pacifier, Minnie is absolutely adorable in ALL her videos.

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