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The hardest part of doing a morning show is going to bed on time and getting enough sleep. The hardest part of the day is that time between 3:30am-3:45am. Thats the time between when the alarm goes off and when I actually get up. I say it all of the time, as a morning person, we’re always chasing sleep and we can never catch it enough. Usually around 8:45 during the week I’m trying to wind down and fall asleep. Sometimes that’s tough though. Sometimes I’m still so up from the day. When that happens I turn to things to make me relaxed and tired. Sometimes it’s watching TV. Sometimes it’s watching YouTube videos, my favorites to watch to help me fall asleep are the “Joy Of Painting” videos with Bob Ross. But sometimes the right song will get me relaxed and tired. The other day I saw this list of the best songs to listen to to fall asleep and it’s not just country, but the best ones for all genres of music. There’s pop, hip hop, country, rock, EDM, even classical! If classical music can’t put you to sleep nothing will. So keep this list handy next time you’re having a hard time falling asleep. I know that I’ll probably be scrolling through this list at some point later this week. Check out the full list here and sweet dreams.

The Most Sleep-Inducing Pop Songs, According to Science -

When a Michigan funk band called Vulfpeck released an album of ten silent songs on Spotify, they were really onto a good sound. Spotify pays by the listen, so Vulfpeck asked fans to hit play on the album - named - right before they went to bed.