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The first thing I have to ask is why isn’t this day always on the weekend? It’s Harder to celebrate this day  in the middle of the week.   Today is National Junk Food Day.  Now it doesn’t matter if you are in shape or out of shape, we all have those go-to junk foods that we love.  It might be that you received bad news, Had a bad day at work, the kids sent you to the brink of jumping off a cliff, whatever it is sometimes we just wanna veg out on the best junk food we can find!

Everyone has a different level of junk food, to some, it might be extra carrots and to others, it might be a whole pint of ice cream.  I really do expect everyone who is reading this, please go out and celebrate today.  It only comes around once a year!  Let’s get on it ya’ll.  So in honor of National Junk Food Day, I’m going to countdown my top 10 all-time favorite junk foods.

So after you see my list, let me know what you think.  What did I miss, Is my list good? let me know your thoughts?  Email me at