(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for CLD)

I say it all the time, I love all the National days every month, like National Ice Cream Day, Hot Dog Day, Etc.  I’ve been looking ahead at the month of Augusta and Folks we have a lot to celebrate in the month of August!

Here is a short snapshot of things to look forward to!


08-01-2022      Home Made Pie Day, I do love a good peach pie.

08-02-2022     National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

08-03-2022     National Watermelon Day.  Think I’ll go by Cook Out and Get A watermelon milkshake on the 3rd

08-04-2022     National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.  Stop, Just Stop.  Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?

08-05-2022    National Water Balloon Day.  The perfect month to have a water balloon fight party.

08-06-2022    Farmworker Appreciation Day.  Boy oh Boy we should celebrate the farmers

08-07-2022    National Friendship Day.  Now, this is one I can get behind.  So blessed with the people I call friends!

08-08-2022    National Frozen Custard Day.  Culver’s, Look Out!

08-09-2022    Hold Hands Day.  No if we have to explain this…..!

08-10-2022     National Spoil Your Dog Day.  Isn’t this a holiday all the time?

08-11-2022     National Sons & Daughters Day!  Isn’t this a holiday all the time?

8-12-2022       National Middle Child Day.  I’ve heard that the middle child is the one who can wear ya out. I  wouldn’t know, I’m the 7th of 8 Kids

08-13-2022     National Garage Sale Day.  I love garage and estate sales!

08-14-2022     National Creamsicle Day!  Ever had a creamsicle cake?

08-15-2022     National Relaxation  Day.  I got this one down already!

08-16-2022     National Rum Day. Cheers My Friends!

08-17-2022      National Thrift Store Day.  Let’s go shopping

08-18-2022     National Fajita’s Day!   Let’s get a margarita and some fajita’s ya’ll

08-19-2022     National Kool Aid Day.   I still love Kool Aid

08-20-2022    National Radio Day.  You know I’ll be celebrating

08-21-2022     National Senior Citizens Day.  A perfect day to celebrate and respect our elders!

08-22-2022     National Pecan Torte Day.  It’s kind of like pecan pie!

08-23-2022     National Sponge Cake Day.  Sponge cake and strawberries, Yum!

08-24-2022     National Waffle Day.  You Know I’ll Be At Waffle House That Day

08-25-2022     National Burger Day.  Who has the best burger in the C-S-R-A?

08-26-2022     National Toilet Paper Day!  The quality matters

08-27-2022      National Just Because Day.  Why, Just because

08-28-2022     National Red Wine Day.  Cheers

08-29-2022     National Sports Day.  Football season is getting close

08-30-2022    National Beach Day.  As we wrap us summer, lets get to the beach just one more time

08-31-2022     National Guy Name “Dan” Day.  Hello Day!