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Hank William Jr.’s wife Mary Jane Thomas passed away last March, and her cause of death has finally been revealed. She died from a collapsed lung that
was accidentally punctured during cosmetic surgery. She was getting liposuction, her breast implants removed, and a breast lift.

Country Now says Luke Combs was recently performing in Columbus, Ohio when he brought a fan, named Addison, on stage. The 17 year old is battling  terminal cancer so Luke flew her and her family to the show. They met backstage and Luke serenaded her with “Better Together” as the concert ended.

Cole Swindell tells Music Mayhem magazine that he hates customer hearing recordings of his voice. “I think anybody -whether it’s a voicemail – nobody really likes hearing themselves talk. It took me awhile to get over that, get used to my voice and my
singing voice but I think you obviously get better. There are still old recordings of my voice I just cringe when I hear them.