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Kenny Chesney is no stranger to sold-out concerts, number one songs,  number one albums, and the time he spends on the islands!  Kenny has topped the Country Music Charts 31 times beginning in 1997 with his first number one song “She’s Got It All”.  One of Kenny’s two longest-running number songs hit number one on this date in 2002 according to Roland Note!

“The Good Stuff” started its first of 7 weeks at number one.  It wouldn’t be long till he has another 7 week’s number one song with “There Goes My Life” in 2003

Kenny has also had 17 Number one albums selling more than 30 million copies.  Kenny in early 2022 was reported to have sold 80% of his entire catalog and collected a check for $50 Million Dollars!  Not a bad day’s work!


Just A Night With Kenny!