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Over the past several weeks, Jess has been putting me through a series of challenges to prepare me for fatherhood. I’ve changed diapers, I’ve made bottles, I’ve eaten baby food while being blindfolded. However, this week’s challenge is probably the toughest one yet. Jess wanted me to be able to experience labor pains. She got a TENS unit, which is typically used for muscle massage therapy and we hooked it up to my stomach. There are five different settings and several different levels of intensity. We started out on the lowest setting and then Jess would randomly crank up the intensity. Let me tell y’all it was crazy! Intense is the best word to describe how it felt. I could still feel it even an hour after we did it. Here is the full video! Enjoy!

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Posted by The Kicks Wake Up Krew on Thursday, July 28, 2022