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This week we’re traveling back to the year 2011 when Keith Urban played in Augusta for the first time! When we found out that Keith Urban was playing at the James Brown Arena we were sooo fired up! I mean c’mon y’all, it’s Keith Urban, one of the biggest country artists on the planet and he’s playing here! I was super excited, as you can tell by this week’s Throwback Thursday picture. What was going on with my eyes? Why do I look all geeked up?! Did I chug 7 Red Bulls and the wash those down with 8 Five Hour Energy shots? This is also in the pre-beard era for me, which is still a little cringe when I look back on it now. When I think back to that show however, it was one of the best shows Augusta has ever seen! Keith Urban absolutely killed it that night, and any of y’all that were there know what I’m talking about. If you ever get the chance to see Keith Urban live, don’t pass it up!

dub and Keith 2011