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Closeup detail of a physican tearing off a orthopedic plaster cast off a patient with a healed leg fracture. Healthcare and medicine.

Before we even get started, Ya’ll know how Tik Tock is, It’s a giant rabbit hole that sucks you in for hours.  So with that being said, I have found a new go-to thing to watch on Tik Tock!  Cast Removal.  Yep, Cast Removal.  I found it one night and now I’m hooked.  I do remember being an 8-year-old kid who was riding his older brother’s bigger bike when I wasn’t supposed to and broke my arm and had to wear a cast all summer long!

The bike didn’t have breaks and I used my left hand to try and stop the bike and broke my arm.  I hid it from my parents for hours that I hurt my arm because I knew I would be in trouble for riding the bike that was too big.  I was in so much pain.  It wasn’t until much later that night my mom caught me crying and I had to confess what I did and go to the emergency room and find out I had a broken arm.  Got the cast and off we went.  Had to go back to the dr. to get it checked and every time they added a new layer of the cast.

When the day came it was time to get the cast-off, I was so scared because then, just a few years ago, the Dr. used a good old-fashioned saw.  When he started removing that cast, I was shaking and scared as can be.   Once I realized it didn’t hurt it wasn’t all that bad!

When I saw these Cast Removal Tik Tocks, It took me back to the office of Dr. Mays in Fair Play South Carolina to get my cast removed.  I’m gonna say enjoy the two videos that got me hooked on Cast Removal but that may sound odd!