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Lainey Wilson posted a lengthy note on her Insta stories updating fans on her father’s condition. According to the post, he needed to have surgery; she noted, “they insured dad was stable before operating.”

Lainey’s sister Janna (whose Instagram account is private) revealed on her social media on Wednesday (7/27) that their father, Brian Wilson, has fungus. Lainey said her father was treated with a high dose of “anti-fungal meds.” She added, “During surgery, they removed a lot of dead tissue. Fungus invades tissue and essentially kills it; hence the importance of stopping the spread quickly.”

Wilson said in closing before thanking fans and friends for their love and support, “Dad has a very long road ahead, but he is fighting. He is fighting hard.” She also asked to “keep the prayers coming.”

As we reported earlier this week, Lainey canceled a couple of shows this weekend for a “family emergency.”


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