What’s something you’d rather rent than own?  A poll asked 2,000 people, and a house or apartment only ranked 12th.  So most of us would still rather own our home.  Here are the top ten things we DON’T want to own . . .



1.  Movies.  We used to buy DVDs, but now we just stream.


2.  Music.  No one wants CDs now that we have Spotify.


3.  Gym equipment.  Like renting a Peloton bike instead of buying one.


4.  Cars.  A lot of people prefer leasing instead of buying, or just using Uber.


5.  Storage spaces.  Renting is cheaper upfront than putting a shed in your yard.


6.  Phones.  Like paying a monthly fee for the newest phone instead of buying it.  And then you upgrade whenever you want.


7.  Tools.  If you rent at a place like Home Depot, you don’t have to store them.


8.  Wedding dresses.  You can rent designer gowns now for a few hundred bucks.


9.  Sports equipment.  Like renting skis if you only go skiing once or twice a year.


10.  Cleaning equipment.  Like renting a rug cleaner at the grocery store.