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If there’s one thing that I can really give you a good strong opinion on, and tell you whats good and whats not, it’s candy! I call myself a candy expert from way back and I mean it. If I see a new candy has hit the market, odds are I’m going to try it. After I try it I’ll give you my honest opinion of it. I’ll tell you if it’s worth the money, or if you should never even think about trying it.

When I saw this NPR article about what this candy company in Canada is doing, I thought to myself “Self, this is the job for you.” Candy Funhouse sells candy online and they’re looking for a “Chief Candy Officer.” This person will sample tons of candy and tell them what kinds they should carry on the website, and which kinds they shouldn’t.

I’ve been doing that very thing for year..FOR FREE! Now I could make $100,000 per year in Canadian money ($78,000 American). Sign me up! I can just see me now, business cards that read “Chief Candy Officer Dub”. Or maybe, I even get to wear a Chief Candy Officer badge, that you can eat at the end of each day. If for some reason y’all stop hearing me on the radio, rest assured it’s because I’m now a real life, living, breathing Willy Wonka! Check out the full story right here.

You could get paid to eat candy as a Canadian company's 'chief candy officer'

Turns out you might be able to eat candy for a living - and make thousands in the process. Canada's Candy Funhouse is hiring a chief candy officer, according to a recent job posting. "Do you love all things candy and chocolate? Are you passionate about confectionary treats and exploring unreleased and existing products?