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This Fact in Country Music History could happen a lot.  George Strait has 60 number one songs.  The most by anyone in kind of music.  Following George with the most number ones is Conway Twitty who had 40 when he passed away in 1993.  Over his career, George has released 102 songs.  So George could do a concert of all of his number ones and still not get to play them all in one night.

It was on this date, August 2nd, 1986 that George had the number one song in country music with “Nobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her”  It was his 8th number one song! Jt

George started putting out music in 1981 with the release of unwound.  The last song that George released was “Every Little Honky Tonk Bark” and it peaked at number 17 back in 2019   I’d say he’s earned the nickname “The King Of Country Music” for a reason!