Brach’s has unleashed a new “Tailgate” pack of candy corn that features five different flavor varieties including hot dogs and hamburgers.

In addition to hot dogs and hamburgers, the Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn contains three other flavors: Fruit punch, vanilla ice cream and popcorn.

So, what does this unique candy corn taste like? Today has an extensive breakdown of the flavors, and the way the author describes some of the flavors, perhaps they also need to ask for a much needed and deserved raise.

“As for flavor, did you see the beautiful New York Times Cooking cover photo of the iconic Chicago hot dog the other day, complete with mustard, pickle spear, peppers, sliced tomato, onion, relish and celery salt? Amazingly, this tastes exactly like that. What? Oh no, not like the hot dog. Like the newsprint photo,” wrote the author.

The author noted of the hamburger candy corn, “Instead of beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion and a sesame seed bun, these taste like a plain Happy Meal burger, hold the beef, add caramel sauce. It might be hamburger, but it needs help.”

Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn are available exclusively at Walgreens where an 11-ounce bag retails for $3.49.

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