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This week we’re going wayyy back, and by the quality of the picture you’ll be able to tell. This week’s Throwback Thursday picture is from 2005. It happened in Atlanta at what was then called Phillips Arena. General Zach asked me if I wanted to go see Reba and Brad Paisley in Atlanta. It was Friday night and of course I wasn’t going to pass up that chance, so I grabbed my Tim McGraw cowboy hat (which was a signature for me back in 05) and off we went. This picture was taken backstage before the show. I can tell you that Reba is one of the sweetest ladies ever. I remember telling her how much my grandma loved her show. Reba said to make sure I tell my grandma hey and give her a hug from Reba. The show was awesome too! It was hit after hit for over 2 hours. Now can we talk about this picture. It was 2005, I was still trying to figure out my style, and apparently still trying to not look 12. I also had not yet figured out that the cowboy hat looked cool on Tim McGraw, on me, not so much. Anyways, enjoy this week’s pic and the laughs I’m sure you’re getting right now.

dub and reba from 2005


And of all of the songs we heard that night, this one was my favorite. It’s my favorite Reba song. I know it’s a cover song, but Reba did the best version.