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My wife and I are set to welcome the birth of our first baby in roughly two months. Last night she said that we’ve got to really start preparing, because right now, we don’t know anything! I said “You’re right, but we’ll figure it out.” Well, with help from articles like the one I read on Sunday Citizen, we’ll be at least a little prepared as far as sleep is concerned.

Everyone we know who is a parent has told us, “Be prepared to not get any sleep for a while.” Not get any sleep?! How will we function as human beings on such little sleep? I’m used to running on limited sleep as it is being I get up so early to do the show. But now limited sleep will be even less.

Thank goodness for these tips that my wife and I can share. We don’t want to be so sleep-deprived that we get cranky toward each other. We don’t want to snap at each other when it can be avoided. It’s going to take both of us working together as a team. One of us won’t be able to do it without the other. My wife and I will definitely be looking for more articles like this as we wind down the final months of her pregnancy. If you have any advice or articles you’d like to share with me feel free to email them over to or find me on Instagram @dub_on_air. If you’re a new parent, or you will be soon, like us, hopefully, these tips help you out.

10 Sleeping Tips for New Parents

Irregular sleep patterns, frequent feeding intervals, and near-constant soothing of newborns can all spell sleep deprivation for new parents. In addition to being exhausted as a general matter of course, new parents are also tasked with navigating the best way to do things.

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