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Toys R Us has had me on a roller coaster for a few years now. They’re going out of business, no they’re coming back, ok no they’re gone again, just kidding, they’re back! Make up your mind Toys R Us! I was definitely a Toys R Us kid growing up. There was nothing better than a trip to Toys R Us back in the day. The aisles and aisles of action figures and video games and so much other awesome stuff. I was really bummed when Toys R Us closed down. I was a grown man when they closed, and I hadn’t been there in forever, but it was just that a part of my childhood was now gone! Well not anymore! Toys R Us is back baby!! Well they’re kinda back baby. Toys R Us is going to be reopening in select Macy’s stores. Hey I’m good with that, we’ve got a Macy’s at Augusta Mall. I was reading an article that said Georgia was one of the “flagship states” for Toys R Us and I got excited! My inner seven year old couldn’t wait to see what was cracking in the toy world these days. But when I read further in the article, I saw that we would not be getting a Toys R Us in our Macy’s, at least not yet. Looks like we’re going to have to drive to get to a Toys R Us. The closest locations are in Atlanta and Columbus. Why not Augusta, Toys R Us?! We’re cool here! We like toys! We were Toys R Us kids! I think we deserve a second look by Geoffrey The Giraffe (the Toys R Us mascot). Our Macy’s is plenty big enough Toys R Us. Lets move some of that home decor out and bring on the toys! Here’s a full list of the current Toys R Us locations in Macy’s stores and the ones that are coming soon.

Toys "R" Us at Macy's: Toys for Kids of all Ages

Get ready to find all the hottest toys your kiddos are sure to love. Toys "R" Us is here at Macy's, which means more toys and games than ever before!