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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were at the top of the country charts 25 years ago this week with their duet “In Another’s Eyes.” According to the couple, getting the song out was quite the fight.

Garth said on this week’s Studio G with his wife by his side, “I was at war with the label, and I couldn’t get any traction or any help whatsoever. Miss Yearwood put on her cape, came in, and saved the day for me. ” He then told her, “You saved my life not only as husband and wife, but I think that saved the career.”

Brooks continued, “People think that this song was written for me and you to sing – that’s how much of a duet it is. The song was already there. I was like, ‘Is there any way we can make it more personal?’ That’s when [keyboardist] Bobby Wood said, ‘Hey, this would make a helluva duet.'” Garth immediately thought of Trisha, but there was one problem. “She just had too much stuff going and just couldn’t,” they noted before he revealed, “We tracked it with another female singer!”

Trisha, of course, ended up on the duet and placed the duet on her Songbook album, providing Brooks with an outlet for his music at a time when he didn’t have one.


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