The first KICKS 99 Guitar Pull was at Sacred Heart and we sold 400 seats. I remember telling everyone it would sell out in minutes…..and it didn’t. It took almost a month to sell it out. That was one long month. We were wondering if it would ever sell out.

I figured we were one and done. It didn’t seem to be as big as we thought it would be. But we continued and moved it to the Imperial Theatre next and then the Bell, and now, the James Brown Arena.

Thanks to you, the fans of KICKS 99’s Guitar Pull, it’s still going strong. After the first Kicks 99 Guitar Pull, I’m amazed each year that so many of you show up for ticket stops and listen to win tickets on KICKS 99.

Russell Dickerson was announced Monday as our first artist. Listen each morning this week at 7:30 to find out who the other stars will be.

See ya at James Brown Arena, Tuesday, November 15th!