The Name

KICKS 99’s Guitar Pull. We’ve all heard the term guitar pull over the years here in Augusta, but have you ever wondered where that name came from?

The late country great, Roger Miller imagined that the term “guitar pull” came from the fact that there was usually only one guitar to be shared, and the singers would have to “pull” the guitar away from one another to take their turn.

And it stuck. There are many across the country and we are proud of YOUR KICKS 99 Guitar Pull. Also, we’re very happy to say that all of our artists have their own guitars. Nice ones, as a matter of fact!

It’s magical, well…most of the time

Every one of the KICKS 99 Guitar Pulls I’ve worked, which is all of them except for three years I was with our company in Tampa, something magical always happens, and once, something not so magical happened.

Don’t sing it Darius!

That’s the year Darius decided to do the David Allan Coe song “You Never Even Called Me By Name.” That song usually gets the crowd rowdy at a DAC show and the year Darius did it, a guy thought he was at a Coe show I guess, and he started a fight 7 rows back.

It ended quickly as Richmond County’s finest escorted the guy out and, I’m sure, gave him accommodations for the evening. Yep, the first fight ever at our show, and hopefully the last.

So many great memories and we can’t wait to make more this year. We can’t wait to see you and see what kind of magic this show will bring this year!


Nashville and all of the country artists make the KICKS 99 Guitar an event that KICKS listeners come back for year after year. Here’s a quote from one of our friends in Nashville about guitar pull. He has brought many big artists here and this was nice of him to say.

“KICKS 99’s Guitar Pull is one of the premier events in all of Country Music. If you go back and just look at the artist lineups over the years, you won’t be able to find it’s equal in any market in the United States. It stands above all others.” –Royce Risser, Executive Vice President, Universal Music Group, Nashville