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So here we go.  It’s the day we’ve all been waiting on.  It’s the first official College Football Saturday of 2022.

If you know me at all you know I’m not an easy person to get on the phone on College Football Saturdays.    I have rules for my College Football Saturdays.  Everything I need to get done for the day will be done and I’m home by noon.  Then here comes the rest of the rules for the College Football season.

  1.  Do not call me after 7p on Thursday Nights, or after 11 am on Saturday.
  2. If you decide to text me during a game, it had better be to ask me, “Did You See That”, to which I’ll reply, “What The Heck Do You Think”?
  3. If someone is dying, call 911 before you call me because they will answer before I do.
  4. If someone has already died, don’t call me.  There’s obviously nothing I can do and there’s no reason for us both to be sad
  5. If you’re confused about my availability for plans between now and The National Championship Game, See Rule #1 again

Of course, this is all in fun and not meant to be taken too seriously.

I love College football and I love my Clemson Tigers.  Lets Go!