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Kane Brown spoke for the first time about Morgan Wallen’s racial slur that was caught on video in February of 2021. You’ll probably recall that this resulted in Wallen being banned temporarily from radio, TV appearances and touring.  

In an interview with The New York Times, Kane revealed, “This is the first time I’ve ever even talked about this, but I personally know Morgan. I texted him that day. I told him he shouldn’t have said it, but also knowing Morgan, I knew that he didn’t mean it in the way that the world thought that he meant it.” It’s worth noting that the two have some history: Morgan Wallen co-wrote a song called “Rockstars” on Brown’s 2016 deluxe edition of his debut RCA project, Kane Brown

Brown says that he still feels constant pressure to act as a spokesman. He said, “I guarantee you every artist probably got asked about” their opinions of Wallen after the video circulated. But he added that when he, Jimmie Allen, or Mickey Guyton were asked the question, it “was completely different than when they asked somebody else. It’s like, they want an answer.”

However, Kane added that he would have taken action if he thought Wallen’s remark was racist or malicious. Brown said, “I think if it was in a different context, I probably would have been fighting.” 

On another note, Brown told The New York Times that as his album Different Man is released on Friday, he isn’t really worried about what his detractors will think. He’s not concerned with those who feel he’s not “country.” He offered, “I used to always be nervous about what people were going to think, and I was kind of scared — I didn’t want people to think that I was leaving country music because that’s my heart. But now, it’s just to the point where it’s like, I’m a dad now, two kids; I care what they think. So I’m just not that scared kid anymore.”

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