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Keith Urban has been playing concerts out West this past weekend. During one of his shows in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, he spotted a couple with a sign that read: “Please play ‘Your Everything’ our song.”

Keith, who posted the exchange on his Insta stories, invited the couple on stage and asked them how long they had been married. The man said, “Eight years,” to which Keith repeated and then held his hand in the air, and the crowd cheered. Urban then pointed to the sign and said, “We can play that song.”

Keith then started by singing, “Nice to see people dancing and singing on the stage,” as the couple danced on stage as he sang the song. At one point in the song, the guy, wearing a Keith Urban concert t-shirt, raised his hands and cheered as he danced.

After he finished the song, the couple shared a passionate kiss, and Urban high-fived the man and hugged the woman.

The chorus of the twenty-two-year-old ballad that appeared on Keith’s debut Nashville solo album goes, “I want to be the wind that fills your sails / And be the hand that lifts your veil / And be the moon that moves your tide / The sun coming up in your eyes / Be the wheel that never rusts / And be the spark that lights you up / All that you’ve been dreaming of and more, so much more / I want to be your everything.”

“Your Everything” was released in May 2000 as the second single from Urban’s first American self-titled album. The song became his first Top 5 hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart, with a peak at number 4.

As of 2003, his debut self-titled album was certified platinum, selling over one million copies.

In his native Australia, the same album only sold 45,000 copies by 2003. Keith released his debut album (totally different than his American debut project), also self-titled in Australia in 1991. It was later released worldwide in 2005 by EMI.

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