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This is a story of two 12 year old boys who worked hard, and it paid off. These boys stacked cords of wood in Maine and made $100. These boys then took that money and bought tickets to see Luke Combs. They made signs that said “We made $100 stacking 5 cords of wood. Bought two Luke Combs tickets, man he sounds good. Our dads said it was a waste of time oh but they were wrong. Today’s my 12th birthday, Oh Lord when it rains it pours.”

Well Luke Combs saw the signs. Not only did he see the signs, he gave those boys all the money in his pocket to help pay them back. That’s not where it ended though. Luke then invited the boys backstage, and hooked them up with a ton of free shirts and hats and other merchandise. Luke Combs gave these boys a story that they can tell for the rest of their lives.

Whether you’re a fan of his or not, after you watch this video, you’ll have to admit that Luke Combs is one of the nicest guys in country music. He’s a genuine, good person. Check out the video of how it all went down and see some pictures as well.

Luke Combs Hands $140 Bucks Cash To Two Kids Who Stacked Firewood To Buy Tickets

Can't say enough good things about Luke Combs, man. The dude is just a class act.