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Want to take a tour of Baby Maddie’s Nursery? Finally, the nursery is done! Kelsey and I have been rushing to finish it, and now it’s done. One of the main things everyone wanted to see at the baby shower was the nursery. By the way, if you missed the blindfolded diaper changing game from the baby shower, check it out here. Well since we couldn’t fit all of you in the house for the shower, here’s a behind-the-scenes tour. I have to give all of the credit to Kelsey on this one. She had a vision for what she wanted the nursery to look like, and it’s perfect.

I’m not going to say I had nothing to do with it. I did put together the crib, the dresser, the shelves, and anything else that needed assembling. We said it over and over while we were putting the nursery together, “we hope she likes it”. Every time I walk into that room, I can’t wait to see her in there. I can’t wait to play games with her in there. I’m looking forward to reading her stories every night. We’re going to hang out in there a lot. So here’s the tour of Baby Maddie’s Nursery: